De Watergroep has a comprehensive research, development and innovation programme. We think it is important to have this knowledge in-house to enable us to continue to ensure a sustainable drinking water supply. In doing so, we pay special attention to the security of supply and anticipate the consequences of climate change.

4 pillars

The research and development programme is built around 4 pillars, which together lead to innovation:

  1. Horizon and technology scan
  2. In-house research projects
  3. National and international research projects
  4. OperAqua research programme.

Who is in charge of Research & Development within De Watergroep?

  • Engineers
    • Working on process technology, modelling, energy optimisation, materials, etc.
  • Geographers, hydrologists, geologists
    • Working on groundwater flow, surface water modelling, environment, etc.
  • Chemists
    • Working in laboratories.
  • Biologists
    • Working in laboratories or on the environment.