For municipalities seeking to invest in a structural cooperation with De Watergroep in the field of wastewater management, we have developed Riopact 2 specific services for Riopact partners (total management) or Riopact municipalities (customised management). In addition, we have developed a broad array of services for municipalities that are interested in entrusting only specific aspects of their wastewater management to a partner that combines expertise with experience.   

Installation of sewage connections

De Watergroep can handle the installation of sewage connections on its territory. For the inhabitants of the municipality this often translates into a cheaper and also better quality connection to the sewage network. Moreover, the connection to the sewage network can be carried out simultaneously with the drinking water connection.


De Watergroep can handle sewage main extensions for subdivisions. Synergies with the construction of drinking water pipes are an important advantage in this context. 

Maintenance of pumping stations and small-scale water treatment systems 

De Watergroep can handle the maintenance and monitoring of municipal wastewater pumping stations and small-scale water treatment systems (KWZIs). For monitoring and control of the pumping stations and KWZIs we offer our iView product.

Other projects

De Watergroep thinks along with the municipal administration and provides customised solutions or agreements. We have already signed cooperation agreements for: 

  • the construction of canal coverings in rural areas
  • the installation of pressure drainage systems 
  • disconnection projects for the installation of duplicated sewage networks.