RiopactDe Watergroep offers its Riopact partners a total solution for the treatment of their wastewater. Riopact takes over the sewerage system and assumes all municipal sewage tasks. After consultation of the partners, Riopact sees to the financing of the investment projects, and applies for the necessary subsidies. For further information, please visit

Overview of Riopact partners

  • In East Flanders: Eeklo, Herzele, Kaprijke, Kruibeke, Laarne, Moerbeke, Ninove, Temse, Waasmunster and Wachtebeke
  • In West Flanders: Anzegem, Tielt, Vleteren and Zedelgem
  • In Flemish Brabant: Aarschot and Opwijk.

In a nutshell

Municipal wastewater managementTotal solution for municipal wastewater treatment 
Riopact assumes all municipal sewage tasks.
Riopact ensures the financing of investment projects
Riopact applies for the necessary subsidies.  

Direct financial remuneration 
Upon accession, Riopact partners receive a remuneration in cash and in shares for the transferred sewage network.

Future-oriented operation
Riopact enables municipalities to ensure timely compliance with the Flemish wastewater targets under the European Water Framework Directive. 

Individual financial management
Riopact works with individual municipal accounts. 

One experienced partner for both drinking water and wastewater
Working with a single partner for both drinking water and wastewater opens up maximum synergy opportunities.

The municipality continues to be closely involved in the development and maintenance of its sewerage system.

Most favourable VAT regime 
As a member of De Watergroep, Riopact benefits from a special VAT regime with the lowest possible rate applicable to public utilities. 

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