Riopact is a cooperation agreement between Aquafin and De Watergroep. We offer Riopact municipalities the opportunity to proceed with the accelerated development of their municipal sewerage system and to entrust its management and maintenance to experienced partners. For further information, please visit

Riopact municipalities can rely on sewage management tailored to their specific needs. The municipality remains the owner of the infrastructure and determines itself the objectives of the partnership and the priorities.

Benefits for Riopact municipalities:

  • Sewer lidexperienced partners with many years' experience in all water-related activities 
  • decision authority remains with the municipality
  • the assets continue to be owned by the municipality
  • sewerage projects are implemented without any additional burden on municipal finances  
  • the municipal authorities are closely involved in the management 
  • both the municipal authorities and the citizens have a single point of contact for everything relating to drinking water and wastewater:
    • requests for connections
    • intervention in case of failure
    • follow-up of complaints