MaliFrom 2006 to 2008, De Watergroep supported a project on water management in the Inner Niger Delta in Mali. This was accomplished through active participation in the Flemish Partnership Water for Development, a cooperation programme in which the NGO PROTOS, Aminal (Flemish Community) and the Bond Beter Leefmilieu (Society for a Better Environment) also participated for the Mali project. Objective: To provide 40,000 people with access to clean drinking water and better sanitation facilities.

The NGO PROTOS has been active in Mali since 1995. The project was launched in October 2004 and completed by the end of September 2008. It involved four municipalities of the Inner Niger Delta in the Mopti region: Mopti city, Socoura, Kewa and Soye. The aim was to sustainably improve the living conditions for 40,000 people through an efficient and integrated water management. Moreover, infrastructure works for the irrigation of 50 ha of farmland were carried out. The population of 40 or so villages was provided with clean drinking water through the construction of 12 to 15 water points per year, and received technical support and incentives for the construction of 20 latrines and 20 cesspools.

Both the municipalities and the users were closely involved in the project. For each water point or irrigation field, a water committee, with a delegation from the local population, was set up. This committee also received the necessary training on operation, maintenance and repair.

The project has been completed.