Our mission

Our role is to ensure a sustainable water supply. Today and for future generations.

Our ambitions

  • That our customers and partners will speak highly of De Watergroep and the services we provide.
  • That our employees will make a conscious choice to work for De Watergroep as we are a sustainable employer.
  • That our partners will prefer working with De Watergroep in order to strengthen the integrated water system in Flanders.
  • That De Watergroep will be a leading player in the transition towards a climate-resilient water supply.

Our values

We attach great importance to:

  • Collaboration
    • Collegiality is our first priority and it transcends individual interests.
  • Reliability
    • Agreements must always be fulfilled. You can rely on us and we will act honestly and correctly.
  • Engagement
    • Our employees are careful and reasonable in their approach and behave as if De Watergroep is their own company.
    • Our key values are engagement, responsibility and ownership.
    • We have drive and passion in all that we do.
  • A caring approach
    • We take care of our customers, our colleagues and our resources.
    • We never lose sight of our surroundings, wellbeing and safety.
    • We work in a cost-conscious way.
  • Initiative
    • We give our employees the scope to develop their skills.
    • We are ready to embrace change and are open to new ideas, new technologies and new methods.
    • At De Watergroep, we give creativity free rein.