De GaversDe Gavers

Some 30 West Flemish companies have signed a contract with De Watergroep for the supply of so-called grey water. They are thus offered an alternative to the pumping of groundwater from the threatened Sokkel aquifer.  To this end, De Watergroep has built an additional production unit at the De Gavers surface water production centre (in Harelbeke).

These contracts represent a total annual volume of 1.8 million m³. The new production unit at De Gavers is capable of producing 4,000 m³ of process water per day. The installation uses membrane technology and ultra-filtration. In addition, the pipeline network will be reinforced.  The Flemish government subsidises 60% of the investments. 

The supplied water often requires further on-site treatment depending on the specific business processes for which it will be used.  The construction of these individual water treatment units will be phased.