In late 2014, the process water installations at Oleon and Fuji Oil, two large chemical companies in the Ghent canal zone, were started up. This is a unique project, because one installation is used to purify the water of 2 companies.

De Watergroep's Industry & Services business unit ensured:

  • the design
  • the construction
  • the pre-financing
  • the operation of a process water treatment system
  • the installation of surrounding piping systems
  • the supply of the process water to a new 500 m³ process water buffer
  • the necessary permit applications. 

The supply capacity is 900,000 m³ annually, with a quality of soft and minimally mineralised process water. The installation comprises ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis, two well-known techniques that have also been applied in earlier customised water installations carried out by the business unit.