EOCEOC Belgium NV in Oudenaarde is a chemical company that mainly produces latex for various applications in other basic industries. At the end of 2008, De Watergroep signed a contract with the company for the supply of process water sourced from groundwater.

A study by De Watergroep's Industry & Services business unit revealed that both groundwater and surface water were suitable candidates to replace the purchase of drinking water.  Eventually, the groundwater source was chosen because of its more constant composition, the simpler water treatment it requires, and the lower sludge production as a result of the water treatment.  

At EOC, De Watergroep is responsible for:

  • the design, construction and equipment of all systems, more specifically the drilling of 7 production wells, and the iron and manganese removal from the groundwater
  • the construction of a treatment facility on the site of EOC Oudenaarde
  • the installation of the connecting pipework
  • the sampling and chemical analyses of the raw water and the process water
  • the supply of at least 175,000 m³ of process water per year.