Our Industry and Services Business Unit recently signed a contract with AZ (General Hospital) in Roeselare for its first industrial water project in the healthcare sector. 

Disinfected water

AZ Delta needs large quantities of soft, disinfected water for various hospital applications. Under the contract De Watergroep will supply AZ Delta with 30 m³/h water (= 125,000 m³ per year) of the required quality, which is obtained through a process of softening, ultrafiltration, buffering and UV disinfection. The location of the hospital allows us to use mains water as raw water source.

The facility will be integrated on a new site, which has the advantage that it can easily be incorporated into the existing concept. The hospital does not need to make any investments itself: De Watergroep will be responsible for the complete implementation and the provision of a guaranteed waterproof monitoring programme. AZ Delta will be supplied with water that meets the required specifications. 

Construction is due to start in autumn 2018.