AgristoSince it was established in 1986, the family-owned Agristo has developed into a powerful Flemish player in the market of frozen French fries, croquettes and potato dishes. Alongside sites in Harelbeke, Nazareth and Tilburg (Netherlands), Agristo is currently developing an entirely new production site in Wielsbeke.

Potato processing requires large amounts of high-quality water for such operations as washing, peeling, cutting and blanching. In addition, a considerable amount of water is needed to generate process steam. Agristo has entrusted De Watergroep with the management of these water flows.

By the autumn of 2017, Agristo will have a plant that produces water with low mineralised water as final quality. For this, we use water from the Leie river, where we have already completed successful quality assessments for other industrial water projects in recent years. Agristo's water consumption grows year after year.  In the medium term, at least 400,000 m³ of water (the equivalent of 160

Olympic-sized swimming pools) will be supplied. That figure may well double by 2020.

In the medium term, other companies will be able to connect to the 1,600 m raw water pipeline from the Leie.