Our mission

We supply a range of customised water solutions. Today, for tomorrow’s generation.

Our vision

  • De WatergroepDe Watergroep is passionate about water as a source of life and health.
  • Our technological edge is a strong asset that we constantly develop and exploit.
  • We treat people and resources in a sustainable manner.
  • Customer-centricity flows through all our company processes defining who we are.
  • We are a leading partner in Flanders and beyond.

Our values

We emphasise the following values:

  • Team spirit
    • Collegiality is our first priority and transcends individual interests.
  • Reliability
    • Promises should be kept. You can count on us – we do business in a fair and proper manner.
  • Commitment
    • Our employees act with the utmost care and attention, as if De Watergroep were their own company.
    • We stand for commitment, responsibility and ownership.
    • We work with passion and enthusiasm.
  • Care
    • We take care of our customers, our colleagues and the resources we use.
    • We pay attention to our environment, welfare and safety.
    • We operate in a cost-conscious manner.
  • Initiative
    • Our employees are given space to develop their skills.
    • We are willing to change and are open to new ideas, new techniques and methods.
    • We give creativity every opportunity to succeed.

De Watergroep is adopting a circular approach to system innovation and sustainability. Read more in EME Outlook Magazine.